Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Beach Near Whitehouse, Jamaica

The shore along the south coast of Jamaica near Whitehouse.

Peacock at Sandals Whitehouse

An adult peacock located on the grounds of the Whitehouse Sandals Resort on the south coast of Jamaica.

Baby Conch at Whitehouse Beach in Jamaica

A baby conch, or snail, found alongside Whitehouse Beach in Jamaica

Lonely Tree on Whitehouse Beach, Jamaica

A tree in the sand on the beach of Whitehouse, Jamaica

Starfish at Whitehouse, Jamaica

Starfish found in shallow waters on Whitehouse Beach near the Sandals Resort.

Soldier Crab

Found on Whitehouse Beach, Jamaica, the soldier crab, also known as the Caribbean hermit crab, is a species of land hermit crab.

Human Chess at Sandals Whitehouse

Human chess at the Sandals Resort at Whitehouse, Jamaica.

Coconut Filled With Rum

A coconut filled with rum near Whitehouse Beach in Jamaica.

Jellyfish at Whitehouse Beach, Jamaica

Jellyfish being held at Whitehouse Beach in Jamaica

Sandals Whitehouse

Sandals Whitehouse Resort

Whitehouse Beach, Jamaica